Sea Change
Gallery 440, Brooklyn, New York

Recent landmarking decisions, zoning changes, and real estate speculation have radically altered the ways in which the neighborhoods known as Gowanus and Park Slope interact with one another. The rezoning of Gowanus, once a hot up-and-coming neighborhood slated for luxury housing, was dropped once the canal was deemed a Superfund site. The neighborhood is littered with "for rent" signs on large industrial spaces. Park Slope is now the largest landmarked area in all of New York after an annex to its original 1973 footprint. It will forever remain low-rise and brownstone. 4th avenue, rezoned in 2003 and trapped between both worlds, has become the only area for growth. Large non-description residential buildings are being built at lightning speeds to feed the demand for housing in the area, yet the development's large scale and shortage of commercial business have caused a lack of street life, and issue currently being addressed by more rezoning.

Collaged prints: pigment ink on Photo-Tex paper