This Dwelling
Mount Airy Contemporary, Philadelphia, PA

Installation piece created in tandem with the This Dwelling project.

This Dwelling is a series of works created from a finite jumble of formal documentation, candid images, and era-specific stories taken from my former apartment on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. I remained a permanent fixture for 23 years, weathering a cavalcade of trends and types, witness to the ebb and flow of over 50 roommates. The large, oddly shaped, barebones space was a remnant of 1980’s gentrification and has since been slated for gut renovation by new owners, relegating the apartment and all it represents to the realm of permanent memory. By liberating images from the realm of static documentation, This Dwelling seeks to describe not only my experiences of the space, but the space as a living entity, reanimating them as large-scale two- and three-dimensional compositions.

Pigment ink on Photo-tex paper, foamcore, acrylic paint