Work > [flo#7] - Bowery/Houston

[flo#7] - Bowery/Houston
La Mama Gallery, New York

[flo]#7-Bowery/Houston is an amalgamation of memory, images, and research that became a site-specific collage construction (or deconstruction) of the Bowery’s present state. The work is a visual representation of the recent radical change and re-branding of the area, drawing on the 20-year archive of negatives and digital photographs taken by the artist. A longtime Lower East Side resident, Williams’ is intimately acquainted with the area.

As a compliment to this exhibit, Williams created a blog,, that collects articles, maps, and images that shed light on modern and historical incarnations of the Bowery. By harnessing twenty years of personal experience and haphazard documentation, “[flo]#7-Bowery/Houston” explores how an area gains meaning over time, and how fuzzy remembrances become clearer, yet mediated, by research into their origins.

Collaged prints: pigment ink on Photo-Tex paper