Work > Episodic Drift #1

Episodic Drift #1
Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, Pittsburgh, PA
Pigment ink on Photo-tex paper, foamcore, acrylic paint 2012

Ladders allow passage into unreachable, unfrequented spaces. Unlike stairs, which offer permanent, safe pathways, ladders are designed to be portable, temporary, and movable. Their verticality causes a momentary physical and mental shift out of the horizontal planes we occupy. Using a ladder proficiently is a skill; one must trust it to provide a solid base while simultaneously trusting oneself to find a balance for the task at hand.

Episodic Drift explores the concept of the ladder as thought pattern, life path, and problem solver. As we age our world becomes infinitely more complex, and the certainties of youth begin to unravel. A chain of beliefs is often thrown into question while existential chaos sets in. The journey from point A to B is rarely a straight line, moving forward isn't always the solution, etc . Episodic Drift traces the path between memory and reality, placing a form on time, leading towards a new awareness and clarity.