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Sea Change
Gallery 440, Brooklyn, New York
Collaged prints: pigment ink on Photo-Tex paper

Landmarking decisions, zoning changes, and real estate speculations have radically altered 4th Avenue in Brooklyn, the boundary between Park Slope and Gowanus. Park Slope, one of the most desirable neighborhoods in New York, is the largest landmarked area in the city and therefore cannot grow to fill the demand for housing. Parts of Gowanus, a predominantly industrial neighborhood, were rezoned to accommodate luxury housing, but when the Gowanus canal was deemed a Superfund site, new construction ground to a halt. In turn, 4th Avenue was rezoned to accommodate taller buildings, ones which tower over existing warehouses and low-rise brownstones. Trapped between both worlds, it has become the only area for growth. Its oversized profile borders on the absurd.